In The Wierdest Of Places...

As a canvasser we all have our likes and dislikes. Some canvassers really enjoy apartments while others enjoy parking lots or houses. I enjoy all of those except gas stations. To me gas stations always made me uncomfortable and just made me feel weird. But out of our comfort zone is where we grow the most. Today I was at a gas station, and I got so tired that I went to the restroom for a break. This lady walked in and saw my books, and she asked what I was up too. We started talking and she started to share about her life. Her family was splitting apart because of a crisis at home. Because of the crisis at home she missed a lot of work. Inevitably she was going to lose her job. She looked at me and said, “I don’t know what to do”. I simply offered to pray for her. In a soft tone she said, “That’s all I have left”. After the prayer I showed her a book called Steps to Christ. Then I shared a meaningful quotes from the book on page 76. At that instant she knew this was what she needed. You know, sometimes we are afraid or uncomfortable to approach people, but God can still use us wherever we are. If he can use me in a bathroom to share the gospel with a hurting soul, He can empower you to do the same. Simply let Him.

Linda Magdeleno

Adriana Sanchez