God's Tag Team Part 1

It was a brisk morning in northeast Arkansas, and as Crystal went from business to business a special request burdened her heart.

“Lord” she prayed, “Please help me to be bold for you. I want to invite someone to church, but I feel shy. Please give me courage.”

After knocking at a business that was closed, she decided to take a shortcut through an ally to get to the next business. As she was walking, she let a woman pass by her, but then the Holy Spirit reminded her of her prayer request.

So, Crystal quickly turned around,

"Hey M'am, how are you?" Crystal said while reaching out to shake her hand.

"Not good," the lady responded, while proceeding to vent her problems to Crystal.

After venting, the lady finally asked, “Who are you?”

"I'm Crystal, an ambassador from heaven. And I wanted to let you know that everything is going to be alright. God loves you and there is nothing he cannot do for you...” Crystal responded with a smile.

“But before I go, I want to leave this with you." “This book will help you with everything that you’re going through.” Crystal said while giving her a Happiness for Life book. 

She didn’t have any money, so Crystal prayed with her. After the prayer, the lady abruptly asks,

“Do you read the Bible with people?”

“Yes!” answered Crystal excitedly as she proceeded to sign the lady up for free Bible studies.

Then the lady asked tentatively, “Do you invite people to your church?”

“Yes! Of course!” Crystal responded enthusiastically

And before Crystal could say anything more, the lady said “Well, I want to go to your church!!” 

(To be continued…)

So, God answered Crystal’s special request, and prepared the way before her. Although, she felt small, He used her to do something great!

“God will impress those whose hearts are open to truth, and who are longing for guidance… No sooner is the name of Jesus mentioned in love and tenderness than angels of God draw near, to soften and subdue the heart.” Colporteur Ministry, p.111