The Blue Study

“I have canvassed in another country with other schools, but this school’s students are different in the way they do everything. They inspire me to keep growing, and to keep looking for Jesus passionately. For this reason, I keep choosing OHC as my canvassing program”. -Kevin G.

One evening while I was walking up to the next door, this lady came out and said, “Oh, you finally came. I was waiting for you to knock on my door. You came yesterday and knocked on my neighbor’s doors and I was waiting for you to come to mine.” Then she invited me in with a welcoming smile. She led me to the kitchen and as I sat down I saw a gentleman walking down the hall. I walked over to where he was  and we started conversing about the Blue Study (a health study featuring Seventh-Day Adventist lifestyle). Then I proceeded to ask if he knew what group of people the study was conducted on. I was impressed to hear that he knew the study was talking about Seventh-day Adventists. This was the opening wedge, I showed him everything in my bag, and pointed out that is was all Adventist literature he was intrigued. He proceeded to mention how Adventists have farms, and agriculture, and our belief in the health message. He clearly knew a lot about Adventist. Now I was very impressed. He went on to say that the health message is definitely the right arm of the gospel. I learned that the lady who invited me in, was his wife. He was interested in the books, but I was expecting him to get one or two books. Time flew by and it was time to get picked up. I told the whole team what was happening because they were wondering why I was taking longer than usual. Unexpectedly they came to the door and the couple welcomed them in too. They were so excited to have all these young people who are on fire for Jesus in their house. We took a picture and he prayed for us, and encouraged us to continue. To my surprise he got  four steps to christ, and he said he was going to study it with his bible study group! Then he got two other books for his children. I was amazed, I could have been put in a different street and this divine appointment would have never happened. God places people in our paths, who we can relate to best. We both loved science articles and because of that similarity there family was able to meet Advenstist (not just read about them). This experience taught me that God uses our passions to bridge the gap, and reach those who are waiting, so go. 

Adriana Sanchez