The Solution

I got dropped off at a plaza. It was super busy, with waiters, and cooks, and customers buzzing along. I went on to talk to them one by one. As the day went on I approached my last business and to my surprise when I walked in there was no one in sight. I was turning around to walk away, and suddenly a lady walked up and asked, “Can I help you?” As she was speaking, I noticed her eyes were red and swollen. But I kept on canvassing and I showed her Steps to Christ. She told me that she really needed the book. Then she started sharing her heart with me. She said, “I was crying because I just bought a house and I am fighting for custody over my children since my marriage is falling apart.” My heart went out to her as she shared her story with me. By God’s grace I was able to tell her about Jesus’ strength and healing, and she got two books to help her get connected to Jesus. Lastly, I prayed with her and she told me that I was an answer to her prayers, and that just made my day. There are so many people who are struggling and hurting out there. This experience reminded me that we aren’t there for the money, we are there to give them the solution for their burdens and problems which is found only in Jesus. 

-Linda M.

Adriana Sanchez