Giving God Another Chance

Written By: Bethany Powell

My leader quickly dropped me off and told me my directions for a new street. As I got out of the car, I noticed that he intentionally had me skip a house that was too far from the other houses. I was overcome with the impression that I could not skip that house. So I started walking towards the house wondering if I was crazy in doing so. When I knocked on the door, a filipino middle-aged woman came out. She started opening up to me and said that she used to be Catholic, but that now she was an atheist along with her husband. Since all her family was Catholic, she had kept the fact that she was an atheist a secret from them for many years. One of her big questions that she struggled with was “Why would God allow so much sin and suffering?” When I heard that I got excited. A DVD that we have called The Theodicy, answers that exact question. Since she didn’t have money with her at the time, I asked if she would watch the documentary if I gave it to her. With much gratitude, she told me that she would watch it with her husband. Then she told me that maybe the fact that I came to her door was a sign from God that He is real and that she should give Him another chance. I fully agreed with her that God was calling her back. I told her of how I was greatly impressed to go to her house even though I wasn’t technically supposed to. Then I had a prayer with her before I left. As I joyfully left the house, I knew that the little extra walk to that house was not in vain. Someone had just decided to give God another chance. There is nothing more beautiful than that. 

Adriana Sanchez