Pennies and Dimes

Written By: Adriana Sanchez

Imagine you had been walking in a desert for three full days. Water is running dangerously low, your feet have blisters, and the sun heat is making it harder and harder for you to breath. Your shoulders are aching from the bags you are carrying that are crucial for survival. You find shade and you try to rest a while but it’s still too hot. This is how I was feeling on a hot summer day canvassing. Don’t get me wrong canvassing is the most beautiful work anyone can do on earth, but it’s no walk in the park. On this particular morning about 1 out of every 12 doors would open. No one seemed to be home in this neighborhood. I was beginning to get discouraged and very tired. I climb the step to the next door and knocked as usual praying in my heart. To my surprise a big burly man steps out of the door. I immediately took a step back. I stumbled through my canvass and he was rejecting me before I could finish. Then a little girl ran out, she was around 8 or 10 years old. She said, “Did you say you have books?” I nodded, then she began digging in my bag and with a big smile she said “I love reading!” She selected a book and dashed into the house about 3 seconds later she came sprinting back towards the front door. She had a jar of coins in her small hands. She said, “This is all I have saved, is it enough?” She proceeded to dump every single coming she had in my bag, I looked at her beautiful brown eyes and said, “It's more than enough.” She gave me all she had with a smile, so that she could read a book about Jesus. I walked away from that door moved as I asked myself do I give Jesus my all? 

Adriana Sanchez