Written By: Annonymous

Canvassing in Arkansas in the winter, yup you can almost here the wind blowing and your nose getting running by just thinking about it. As I was walking from business to business on this blistering morning I was praying for a pair of gloves. The morning kept going along, and I kept waiting for my gloves patiently. Now it was getting close to pickup time and my hands were beginning to feel numb. I started to think maybe I won’t get gloves today. As I approached my next business a lady came towards me with a big smile and handed me a pair of gloves and said, “Here these are for you.” That is the God we serve a personal tender loving God. See if He would have given me the gloves right away I would have taken them for granted, but because I had been waiting all morning for them it meant so much more. In life if God ever seems to be taking His time, simply trust in His timing, He knows best.

I have realized that the most profound lessons I have learned on my spiritual journey are found in the simplest of circumstances, like this one. Just have to take a moment and really think about it.

Adriana Sanchez