Your Questions, God's Answers

Your Questions, God's Answers


Is there hope? Do you have a future?

Can you survive without God's answers to life’s greatest challenges?

God's Answers, a quick reference to Bible topics from an abridged version of Bible Readings for the Home, can be used for:

• Personal devotions
• Small group Bible studies
• Sermon illustrations
• Understanding prophecy

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Bible
Chapter 2: The Godhead
Chapter 3: How Evil Began
Chapter 4: Creation and the Fall of Man
Chapter 5: The Plan of Salvation
Chapter 6: The Sabbath
Chapter 7: Marriage, Family, and the Home
Chapter 8: God's Law - and His Grace
Chapter 9: Bible Prophecy-Daniel Previews the Future
Chapter 10: The Bible's Longest Time Prophecy
Chapter 11: The Birth, Life, and Ministry of Jesus
Chapter 12: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus
Chapter 13: Christ's Church and Its Final Remnant
Chapter 14: Sacred Ceremonies: Baptism and Communion
Chapter 15:Spiritual Gifts and Christian Service
Chapter 16: Salvation Through Faith
Chapter 17: The Ministry of Angels
Chapter 18: god's Plan for Financial Security
Chapter 19: The Blessing of Total Health
Chapter 20: What Happens When We Die?
Chapter 21: Signs of the End of Time
Chapter 22: The Glorious Return of Our King
Chapter 23: A thousand Years in Heaven
Chapter 24: Heaven and Our Eternal Home

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