Change of Heart.

Today the Lord taught me something so meaningful I will never forget it. I began to ask the Lord to teach me what it was like to practice self-denial.

My prayer partner for the day was Chris Miller. I was speaking to God on my way to territory and told Him that every time I would feel tempted to pray for myself, I would pray for brother Chris.

So I would pray earnestly for him and every time I would hear him call for bread on the radio I would praise God for it.

Before we got dropped off at our next street, I prayed that when people at the door would see us that they may see that we have been with Jesus. As I started knocking on some doors, I knocked on this lady's house and she came to the door with a bottle of olive oil in her hand. I started showing her my books but she shut me down very quickly and told me that she was very busy and wasn't interested. So I just hurried to my next house and kept on going. When I was heading to my third house she came looking for me and met me in the middle of the street. When she asked me what I was doing I told her that we're students working our way to school and leaving our books on a donation basis. She looked at me and began to cry. She told me that something impressed her to come back to look for me and she couldn't understand why I was doing what I was doing. I told her that it was the love of Jesus yearning in my heart that encouraged me to go tell others about His love for us. She began to open up to me about her past life and how she's lived a life of faith. She told me that when her daughter was born her husband divorced her for not aborting the baby. She told me how the doctor had mentioned to her that her daughter was going to be born with deficiencies or abnormalities and her husband didn't want to see a child of his suffer and be born to society that way. Every day, when she looks at her daughter, she remembers the pain her husband caused her and how he abandoned them and left her to take care of their daughter on her own. I began to share quotes with her from the book Peace Above the Storm and told her what a great book it is to point you to Jesus and find comfort in Him.  Then she asked me what books I had for her daughter that she may read and be able to have a closer connection with God. I left with her all the message books I had in my bag. As I went throughout my day I remembered the power of God and how He places people in your path at the right time to encourage them to draw closer to Him.

-Helen C.

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