Sheep In Other Folds

John had just bought several books by Daniel. As Daniel was preparing to leave, he asked John if he could pray for him. “Yes,” the man replied, “Pray for me that I may find a new church, one that keeps the Sabbath.” "Who told you about the Sabbath?" Daniel asked. "My Bible told me about the Sabbath," John answered. He went on to tell the astonished canvasser that he had once been a pastor, but when he embraced the Sabbath truth and began preaching it, his denomination told him that if he continued to promote the Sabbath, he would be removed from office and from church membership. John has persisted, and in the end, the denomination did as it had threatened. But this pastor was not discouraged. He told Daniel that he was currently acting as pastor for two groups that were keeping that Sabbath. All of them had been praying that the Lord would lead them to a Sabbath keeping church so they could join a larger body of believers. Daniel was happy to be able to do just that!                           

- Daniel G.

Christopher MillerComment