Peace then a storm.

At first Mike was a happily married truck driver. I knocked on his door and showed Mike the books that I had. Mike was a devout Christian, he invited me inside and decided to give four times the donation price for a Peace Above the Storm (Steps to Christ). Seven months later, while doing outreach in his neighborhood, I met Mike again. I immediately recognized that he wasn’t okay. I invited him to a community event, and He declined but seemed to remember me. “I'm almost done with that book you gave me” he said. Then he opened up,

“Shortly after I met you, my wife left me, I lost my job, and I’m on medications”

He seemed numb as he spoke. I was speechless for a moment, then, as God brought the thoughts to mind, I tried to encourage him. I reminded him that God never leaves us, even when others do. “I have been reading that book you gave me, I'm almost done and along with my Bible, they've carried me through.” After praying with him, he seemed excited and exclaimed, “I know you're from God!”. I gave Mike a hug and left….”I will make you fishers of men…”


Christopher MillerComment