Not Just Books

It was early afternoon when Brittany walked up the sidewalk to a woman who seemed to be waiting on her friend who was intently surveying one of the homes in the middle-class subdivision.

The woman's name was Jackie, and with a beaming smile, Brittany proceeded to canvass her. At first Jackie quietly listened to the presentation, then she started asking Brittany questions about who she was and what she believed.

"I'm a Seventh-day Adventist!" Brittany told her

"I used to be a catholic, but now I don't know what I believe" Jackie responded,
"Just this morning, I had a prayer with a neighbor and decided to give my heart back over to Jesus."
"What else do you have?" Jackie asked eagerly,

Brittany proceeded to show her all of the books she had including, The Great Controversy, Desire of Ages, Steps to Christ, and Christ's Object Lessons.

"I can't afford this, but I want all these books. I need to have these books!" said Jackie

Jackie then began to tell Brittany that she doesn't leave the house often, and usually she works today. It just so happened that she had a day off from work, and her friend, a real estate agent asked Jackie to come with her to check out a house. She didn't even live in the neighborhood, her house was on the other side of town!

"I know that God has sent you here and I'm going to make the effort to get all these books." Jackie told Brittany, as she proceeded to purchase all of her books.

Brittany decided to keep in contact with Jackie, and later on recieved this message from her:

"After I met you my husband stopped smoking. I've been trying to get him to stop smoking for years!" "Do you remember that when you were outside talking to me, you said that If my husband saw me studying the word of God, that it could be an influence to change his life? Remember?!" 

"You all, when you go out canvassing, you guys are not just selling books for your scholarship."
"You all have transformed my life!" "I really appreciate what you are doing."

Brittany signed Jackie up for bible studies and is currently studying with a local pastor.

For the evangelistic canvasser, a book in the home isn't a sale, it's a new life!

Christopher MillerComment