The Search

On a marvelous sunny morning we were canvassing businesses. It was very warm, but a canvasser learns to take it in stride. It was a powerful morning and many books were going out. By the time lunch time came, we were all anxiously waiting our turn to share our divine appointments with the group, It was beautiful. After lunch we drove around ten minutes away from the businesses we were canvassing in the morning. The afternoon was very quite, and slow moving. As I was making my way to the next house I was startled by someone yelling. HEY, HEY! Who are they yelling at? As I turned around I saw car and it was headed straight towards me. Then as the car got closer I realized they were yelling at me. She said, “Do you have religious books?” My eyes grew big, yes I do I replied, as I handed her some books. Her smile grew bigger and bigger. She said, “Someone came by my office and shared their books, but I was in the back working on something else. I overheard what they said and I just knew I needed the Jesus they had. When I finished what I was doing they had already left and I was very disappointed. So I got in my car and went out looking for you guys, and here you are!” She decided to get every single book that I was carrying. After a prayer and a hug, we went on our separate ways.

Beloved people are looking for Jesus, when they meet you will you be able to share Him, or will they have to keep searching?

Adriana Sanchez