"Go Back"

Hi my name is Jordan, and I am a happy Floridian. Today I’m going to share an experience that happened to me in the summer program. I enjoy canvassing, and for the most part I’m a pretty chill guy, but there is something that always makes me a bit uneasy…parking lots. Yes, parking lots, doesn’t sound scary but it is. This morning my leader decided to drop me off at a three floor parking garage. Yeah, you can imagine my enthusiasm. I prayed in my heart as a went to the third floor. To my surprise, there was no one there. So I went to the second floor, same thing, nothing but empty cars. I found no one in the whole parking garage. I was like Lord, why did you put here if there is no one around? So I surveyed again, and the same result, still no people. As I walked through the skyway to the next parking lot I passed by a homeless man. Then the Holy Spirit convicted me, “Go back, talk to him.” What?!? Why would I do that, he has no money, and is not going to be interested. Again the Holy Spirit convicted me, so I finally I turned around. As I was speaking to him I still had doubts. The young homeless man was laughing at me while I was talking, but then his countenance started to change. I was sharing with him about the Sabbath, and the mark of the beast, and placed a Great Controversy in his hands. I shared the prices with him (waiting for a rejection) and he unlocked the suitcase he was sitting on and handed me the full bookstore price. I couldn’t believe it. Before I left I prayed with him, and I left him with a Desire of Ages, because that book changed my life, and I knew it would change his too. As I got up and turned around to leave his nose went straight into the book. It was a very humbling experience, God reminded me that canvassing is not for the money, we are here simply to reach out and talk to those who are ignored by society. To remind them that they are as much of a person as we are, with physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Apparently God wanted to make sure I understood this point. I say this because minutes later I met another homeless man. I talked to him, and we connected but when it came down to it, he didn’t get a book. That was okay I thought I’ll still pray with him, so I did. As I continued to walk on I suddenly turn around to someone yelling my name. “Jordan here this is for you, I want that book!” he exclaimed. In my hands he placed all he had $10.00 and some change along with a bus token. He gave me all he had. 

That day God engraved a powerful lesson in my heart, treat all with equality and dignity, and don’t let our prejudice rob us from the blessings God wants us to receive. Pray that you may take the time to meet those God had purposely placed in your path. 

Adriana Sanchez