A Simple Man's Prayer

Hi, my name is Joe Soe, and as I like to say I am a simple man. I’ll admit canvassing is a challenging work, but there is nothing quite like it. I’ll start my story by asking you two questions. 

1) Do you believe in prayer? 

2)Do you believe God listens to your prayers?

As simple as these questions may be, when you are out in the mission field prayer becomes more than just words, but the very breath that keeps you alive. 

    I woke up one morning and I was not feeling it. I inched my way to breakfast and slowly packed my lunch. I just felt as though I was on 2%. We prayed, we climbed into the vans, and we were off to start the day. I was dropped off at some businesses, and I tried to keep a positive attitude. Sadly, one hour passed, two hours passed, and no books had gone out. Then I realized I had met up with the other canvasser and they got books out at the business I had already canvassed. My heart sank. Why didn’t they get any books from me, I asked myself. During lunch I tried to hide my discouragement from the team. As I got dropped off for the evening, I faced a long road of houses. Before I took my first step I whispered a prayer, “Lord I just want to have a meaningful conversation with someone, that’s all.” I walked along the calm evening. As I approached a house and knocked on the door to my delight it was a welcoming lady. She invited me to take a seat, and guess what we had a meaningful conversation! Awh it was like a breath of fresh air. After that divine appointment for the rest of the evening books were flying.  I just knew God sent me down that street so that I could knock on that door, to meet that lady. God is so intentional with us friends, and it is His delight to answer our prayers. So go before Him boldly, He is waiting to show you. 

-Joe Soe


Adriana Sanchez