The Vision

I’ll tell you friends there is no better work than the canvassing work. Before I started canvassing I had no sense of purpose, but through this work I have something to look forward to a drive given to me by God. I love it. It brings it’s trails but it is the most rewarding effort you will ever do in your life.

One morning I was canvassing a parking lot. God was keeping me busy, then I stopped and I noticed a Hispanic lady in her car. I got her attention and in my Spanish canvass I showed her El Conflicto De Los Siglos (The Great Controversy). She looked at me and her eyes widened, then she looked at the book again, as though she was perplexed. She said, “I was sitting here reading my Bible on my phone look (and she showed me her screen), and when I saw you I remembered something. A couple days ago I had a vision, I was lying on my bed reading a book, and I think this is that book.” What!?! My mind was amazed! Friends sometimes we think visions and miracles are confined to the pages of our Bibles but they are happening right in front of us today. I challenge you too keep praying, keep pleading for God to open your eyes, so that we may be proud witnesses of the glorious power of our God. 

-Joshua Holly

Adriana Sanchez